Police Officer: It Will Be A "Sad Day" When All Officers Carry Tasers

8 August 2019, 14:59

An experienced police officer told LBC it would be a "sad day" when all officers had to carry a taser and he personally did not want one.

This officer called in to tell Shelagh Fogarty that while he can understand why the public might want all police officers to be armed with tasers, that he didn't want one himself.

He said it would be a "sad day" when that happens and "personally I would not want to carry a taser."

Shelagh Fogarty was discussing the police use of taser
Shelagh Fogarty was discussing the police use of taser. Picture: PA/LBC

The experienced PC said everyone in the police has different skills, and that he was "not convinced" that "every officer is competent and capable of carrying a taser."

The officer went on to say that a small minority who "resist simple instructions" and were "more willing now than ever" to fight with the police.

He said he had seen that change over the years, the officer blamed the changes on more young people going to the gym, and the lack of numbers of officers.

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