Politicians Untouched By Negative Effects Of Immigration Says Caller

17 December 2018, 16:20 | Updated: 17 December 2018, 16:38

EU migrants will have to earn at least £30,000 before they are allowed to come to Britain after Brexit under a crackdown due to be announced next week, it has been reported.

Under the plans, skilled migrants will be required to have a job offer and hit the minimum salary threshold before they are permitted to come to the UK on five-year visas.

Low-skilled migrants will be able to come to the UK on one-year visas on a "temporary" basis as long as they have jobs. Once their visas expire they will be required to leave the country and unable to apply to return until a year-long "cooling off" period has passed.

In response to this, Sarah from Romford called Shelagh to explain the impact that immigration had on her and her community.

She revealed that her husband, a plasterer, was suddenly told that his pay was going to be cut in half after an increase in the numbers of Eastern European immigrants.

"How is it fair that our quality of life is going down to improve other people's quality of life?" she posited.

Shelagh Fogarty
Picture: LBC

Shelagh pointed out that there had been a need for immigration when Tony Blair relaxed immigration policies but that the situation wasn't "managed properly".

Sarah pointed out that the immigration should have been "targeted" for certain industries which needed more workers.

Sarah also revealed that local GP surgeries in her area were under pressure and that local schools had had to adapt to accommodate greater numbers of pupils due to immigration.

"You're all pro-immigration because your day-to-day life hasn't changed because of this. Until it actually has changed for the worse - until your children can't get into a school, or you can't get in to see a doctor's appointment - so until it is affecting you personally and your quality of life has gone down, you can't talk about that".

She went on to say she didn't blame the immigrants for trying to improve their quality of life but blamed the politicians who made the policies.

Many LBC listeners tweeted out support for Sarah's call.

Equally, some listeners critcised Sarah's call.

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