Remain MPs Think They're Better Than The UK Population, Caller Says

28 October 2019, 17:04

The pro-Brexit caller says that Labour MPs who aren't supporting an election are just looking after themselves.

The caller said: "I am a Leave voter. I actually voted leave in 1975 as well so I'm consistent in my attitude on this.

"But, no, the fact is that the parliamentarians are being venal for one for a better word in that they're only interested in looking after their own skin.

"The Labour Party, the parliamentary Labour Party, in refusing an election are doing precisely that.

"They're just looking after themselves and not looking after the interests of this country, they're not looking after the interests of the electorate and they're certainly not looking after the interests of the 17.4 million people who voted.

So therefore we have to have this general election. It is bad for business, all this hold up, it costs the economy billions because of the endless delays and Remain attitudes from MPs who decided that they are better than the population of this country."

Remain MPs Think They're Better Than The UK Population, Caller Says
Remain MPs Think They're Better Than The UK Population, Caller Says. Picture: PA

Shelagh asked: "Do you include MPs like Boris Johnson and Jacob Reese-Mogg and others?"

She explained that they voted two or three times against Brexit.

He replied: "If you call May's deal Brexit but I don't call May's deal Brexit."

Shelagh asked if he considered Johnson's deal to be Brexit.

He said it's more Brexit than May's deal.

Shelagh asked about Northern Ireland and he said: "Well, you know, there has to be compromises somewhere along the line but at the end of the day Brexit has to be done."

Shelagh pressed him again on Northern Ireland.

The caller said that if a border in Northern Ireland it is because that is what Stormont has chosen.

Shelagh said: "Well then the public doesn't get a vote, so that breaks the Good Friday Agreement."

He replied: "There are ways round it. If Stormont decides, which I think is extremely unlikely in four years time, they want to have nothing more to do with the EU, then fine, that will happen.

"To be honest, I think the EU is the biggest, most corrupt organisation in the world, given the fact that it sacked its own auditor when the auditor turned round and said that there was something wrong with their accounts.

Instead of actually fessing up to what the the misuse of public funds they sacked the auditor."