Reporter Shut Down By Trump In Conference Defends President

17 February 2017, 16:03 | Updated: 17 February 2017, 16:14

Shelagh Spoke To The Reporter Challenged By Trump

Shelagh Fogarty spoke to the Jewish reporter who confronted Trump at the conference last night - but his reaction to the incident isn't what you'd think.

Jake Turx is the Hasidic Jewish reporter who confronted Trump at the White House press conference last night and the White House Correspondent for Ami Magazine. 

The US President allowed Mr Turx to ask a question, first saying: "Are you a friendly reporter? Watch how friendly he is. Wait, wait, watch how friendly he is. Go ahead."

Mr Turx then asked the President: "Despite what some of my colleagues have been reporting, I haven't seen anybody in my community accuse either yourself of anyone on your staff of being anti-Semitic. 

"We understand you have Jewish grandchildren, you are their zayde. However, what we are concerned about, and what we haven't really heard you address is an uptake in anti-Semitism and how the government is planning to take care of it."

Trump avoided the question and said: "Number one: I am the least anti-Semitic person you've ever seen in your entire life. Number two: Racism. The least racist person. 

"In fact, we did very well, relative to other people, running as a Republican."

When someone proceeded to speak up, Trump interrupted saying: "Quiet, quiet, quiet.

"See, he lied about, he was going to get up and ask a very straight, simple question, so, you know, welcome to the world of the media. 

"But let me just tell you something that I hate the charge, I find it repulsive. I hate even the question because people know that know me, and you heard the Prime Minister, you heard Betyaho [Benjamin Netanyahu] yesterday. 

"Did you hear him? Bibi. He said I've known Donald Trump for a long time, and then he said, forget it. So you should take that instead of having to get up and ask a very insulting question."

The exchange has hit global headlines. Here Jake Turx gives his take on the incident while speaking to LBC Presenter Shelagh Fogarty.

Shelagh asked him: "How did it feel to have your question responded to like that?"

Jake said: "It's interesting that my whole life people have been telling me to sit down and be quiet and I haven't really, I haven't really listened to them. But then that one moment I just decided to follow instruction and I did exactly what I was told. 

"It was kind of strange because I'm not used to that. But it was a very unique and rare opportunity, so I guess I am grateful for that just the same."

He went on: "I was a little taken a back but also a little bit concerned, because I know that this issue of anti-Semitism is a big concern, for not just the United States, but also around the world.

"But you know what else is a very big concern as well? When people are unfairly called anti-Semitic, as the President has been for the last two years by many of the American media. 

"The fact that the President has such close relationships with the Jewish community for practically his entire life...this is something he is very, very sensitive to. 

"Many in my community are very hopeful about this. And the fact that the President is so sensitive about anti-Semitism, that he found it necessary to respond so quickly and harshly, and it's regretful that the earlier part of my statement was something that perhaps lost in translation somewhere."

Shelagh was surprised by Jake's response and the interviewee went on to expand further on his view.