Shadow Health Minister calls for clear communication over second national lockdown

18 September 2020, 16:51

By Fiona Jones

Will there be a second national lockdown? Shadow health minister Justin Madders deliberates the likelihood of it happening, calling for clear communication from the Government.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told LBC that the Government would take "the action that is necessary" to control Covid-19 and refused to rule out a two-week national lockdown.

Mr Hancock's remarks came amid reports a national lockdown is being planned to coincide with the October half term to minimise disruption to education.

After the North West, Midlands and West Yorkshire were hit with tough new coronavirus restrictions, Shadow Health Minister Justin Madders observed, "You get to the point where there are more places covered than not.

"We may end up approaching [a national lockdown] by default anyway."

Mr Madders called for a "clear strategy" from the Government and, if there is a national lockdown, the test and trace system needs to be "sorted out" in that time period.

He likened the UK now to the UK in March where there were "lots of confused messages" about the action the Government was going to take.

Shelagh countered that the Government has "always said" it will resist another national lockdown but will enforce it if necessary.

"That's right but this is now something quite specific in terms of the timescale and happening quite soon," Mr Madders pointed out, "I don't think anyone in Government could ever rule out a national lockdown again. But what we have now is something that sounds like it might be happening rather soon."

Mr Madders urged that if the Government are going to enforce this measure, it must be communicated.

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