Shelagh Pointed Out This Caller's Hypocrisy When It Comes To Donald Trump

5 August 2019, 14:23 | Updated: 5 August 2019, 14:36

This caller defended Donald Trump's actions, even though he said he would blame Shelagh Fogarty if she the same thing with the same results.

Shelagh Fogarty asked this caller if every day on her program she "urged violence against a particular group of people, or spoke with great disdain about a particular group of people."

Shelagh said if she did it every single day with the platform she has on the radio, and then somebody goes and "kills or harms somebody from that group" then "says in a letter about the deed it was my program that made them do it."

She asked if she would have "some responsibility, or no responsibility for those killings?"

The caller was quick to say that Shelagh would have "some responsibility."

Shelagh and this caller went head to head over Trump
Shelagh and this caller went head to head over Trump. Picture: LBC/PA

Shelagh said "so, when Donald Trump, as he has in recent weeks, praised somebody for raiding the home of a black Congressman, urged the deportation, even though it's not possible, of actual Native American citizens who were born in America, and one who came over as a child.

"All brown skinned women, from different heritages, When he does that, is that good language or bad language?"

Defending Trump, the caller told Shelagh she had to "listen to the full statement."

But Shelagh did not agree with that.

The caller hit back and said "I think Donald Trump is even more beneficial for the black community in America than the other president before."

Shelagh challenged the caller over Donald Trumps use of derogatory language but the caller wasn't having that. He said he was "very disappointed."

When Shelagh said at least they could agree that Donald Trump had responsibility for the language he used, the caller said "no."

Shelagh was quick to point out he'd changed his mind, as he agreed with her a few minutes ago.

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.