Shelagh Delivers Powerful Monologue On Ariana Grande's Sexual Harassment

3 September 2018, 16:25

The LBC presenter urged more women to speak out against sexual harassment after singer Ariana Grande was groped during Aretha Franklin's funeral.

Shelagh's impassioned rant followed Bishop Charles H Ellis III regretful acknowledgement for touching Ariana Grande's breast at the Queen of Soul's funeral.

Bishop Ellis III apologised for the incident saying "it's not about the way that I meant it, or it went bad".

But despite his apology, Shelagh compelled more women to speak out against sexual harassment.

During a passionate 12 minute monologue Shelagh said: "Girls and women need for their own sakes to learn a better way of handling those moments.

"I regard the suggestions I'm about to make as a victim enabling - as girls and women enabling, strengthening, empowering, whatever word you want to use.

Shelagh Fogarty
Shelagh Fogarty. Picture: LBC

"At the very least it's arming girls and women to do something about these situations.

"You only have to look at Ariana Grande and it's all there to see. You have to look at how little she wanted that man to be physically touching her.

"She was putting her body at as much of an angle as she could away from him while he was still grabbing on to her body and her breast at the same time.

"She could not have made it clearer that she didn't want to be there. Arianna, I would have just get the hell away from him.

"It seems to me that women and girls somehow need to get the message that they can, in that moment, get out of it, say 'No,' put the shame that they're trying to put on you on them."

Watch Shelagh's full monologue in full above.