Shelagh Fogarty Argues With Momentum Activist Over Civil Disobedience

29 August 2019, 17:40

Shelagh Fogarty said that she supports the protesters outside parliament yesterday, but argued against using civil disobedience to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Michael Chessen, a Momentum activist and organiser for Another Europe Is Possible, told LBC that he thinks civil disobedience is the only solution to stop to a no-deal Brexit and people should "take matters into their own hands".

He told Shelagh: "This weekend we've called what seems to be a huge day of action, probably hundreds of thousands of people taking party in direct action and in protests and marches all around the country.

"It's in protest at the shutting down of our democracy and an attempt to drive through a no-deal Brexit for which there is absolutely no mandate.

"It's been an extraordinary response. Yesterday we called protests in London, and at just four hours' notice we got many thousands of people there.

"The crowds were big. They were lively, they were angry, they were energetic, they were also quite good-natured and peaceful, and I think we'll see a lot more of that, including disobedience."

It follows the announcement by Momentum of nationwide protests against Boris Johnson for his attempt to prorogue parliament, in order to deliver a no-deal Brexit.