Shelagh Fogarty Gave This Caller Her Brutal Take On Trump

5 August 2019, 16:57

When this caller asked Shelagh Fogarty why she was so "anti-Trump" he didn't seem to be expecting how blunt her instant reply would be.

Shelagh said "I think it's self evident why." The caller said "you've never given him a chance, have you?"

"No, no I haven't," she said. Adding that she tends not to "give chances to men who talk about grabbing women by their genitals and thinking it's OK."

Shelagh gave this caller her honest opinion on Trump
Shelagh gave this caller her honest opinion on Trump. Picture: LBC

Giving the caller a more in-depth explanation than he seemed to be expecting, Shelagh said "I tend not to give a chance to men who are openly racist to members of their own community when they're supposed to be the supreme leader of that community.

"I tend not to a chance to men who use every opportunity to spread hate. No, I didn't give him a chance and I don't intend to."

Spluttering the caller said "can you not see any good points about him?"

Shelagh declared "not really."

She told the caller that she thought President Trump was "odious" and "dangerous" and "sinister" she said he was "malevolent."

The caller said he thought Trump was a "breath of fresh air," to which Shelagh replied "well, if halitosis is your version of fresh air then, yeah."

Watch the whole stunning exchange in the video at the top of the page.