Shelagh Fogarty Tells Caller “No, You Listen!” As Migrant Row Heats Up

3 January 2019, 19:05 | Updated: 3 January 2019, 19:20

Shelagh Fogarty demanded this caller stopped talking over her during a fiery row over the English Channel migrants.

The pair clashed after Sajid Javid wrote to the Ministry of Defence calling for a Royal Navy ship to help patrol the waterway.

It’s in response to a spike in migrants crossing from France in small boats.

Two men in Manchester are currently being questioned by police for trafficking.

"No, you listen!" Shelagh gets tough will caller during migrant row
"No, you listen!" Shelagh gets tough will caller during migrant row. Picture: LBC

Paul from Amersham said the Foreign Aid budget should be used to tackle the problem.

He also told Shelagh that anybody who arrived in Britain illegally “should never, ever be given asylum”.

However, it was when the LBC presenter told him why she did not whole heartedly agree with his point did things heat up.

Paul kept interrupting Shelagh as she articulated her response.

At one point, the LBC presenter retorted: “No Paul you listen! You listen, you listen for a second!”

Watch above and see who you agree with.