Shelagh Challenges Farage Supporter Who Says His Decision Not To Stand Is A "Masterstroke"

4 November 2019, 15:40 | Updated: 4 November 2019, 15:41

Shelagh Fogarty repeatedly takes down a caller who says Nigel Farage's decision not to run as an MP is a "masterstroke of his career."

James from Leeds said that while he was originally disappointed that Nigel Farage wasn't running, he now believes this decision was the "masterstroke of his career" as he's able to campaign around the country.

Shelagh insisted Farage isn't a "special case" as all the party leaders travel around the country.

James said that the interesting thing here is that because he's not standing the focus is taken away from Nigel and is put on to Corby, thus he will be free of media scrutiny. "He's changed the whole dynamic of the situation," he said.

Shelagh said it's undeniable that Farage has affected politics but he is a "one trick pony" as he just moans about Brexit and hasn't come up with a positive plan on the NHS, on education, on schools, on social care, on domestic violence.

After James insisted he'd achieved a lot, such as having a radio show on LBC, Shelagh quipped sarcastically that this was obviously the pinnacle of success.

The Brexit Party leader has announced there will be 600 candidates running in the general election
The Brexit Party leader has announced there will be 600 candidates running in the general election. Picture: PA

Shelagh countered that Corbyn has achieved a lot, coming from the backbenchers and prior to this from a non-political background, so Nigel is not a special case. Additionally, Jo Swinson, who is leader of the Liberal Democrats alongside bringing up two tiny children, is also achieving a huge feat.

Shelagh likened Nigel's decision not to stand to her forcing James O'Brien to present for six hours a day and then on Friday come in and do "an absolute blinder of a programme". She accused Farage of simply "shirking his responsibility."

"You sound like an early days Corbyn supporter now, bleating about the media, come on!" said Shelagh, after the caller argued again that Nigel's decision was a strategic media swerve.

James said, "We're just going to have to wait and see."

Shelagh asked why he thought Nigel Farage would achieve Brexit in a way that Boris Johnson can't because he is "at least in the room fighting. Nigel Farage won't dare enter."

The caller insisted that further down the line, the Brexit Party leader