Shelagh Fogarty cries with joy as her mother gets Covid jab

19 January 2021, 15:07 | Updated: 19 January 2021, 15:42

By Fiona Jones

This was Shelagh Fogarty's incredibly heartwarming reaction when she found out her mother has received her first Covid jab.

Shelagh has been caring for her elderly mother throughout the pandemic and burst into tears on hearing the happy news.

Shelagh said: "She's had her first Pfizer vaccine and I knew I'd cry when I got the text and I have.

"She's an amazing woman as you know and I love her to bits. I've just texted my sister saying will she come on the radio, because I don't think I can do the talking about it.

"I'm so overwhelmed that she's got it."

Shelagh continued: "I know loads of families are still waiting, we all are waiting...I know loads of people are waiting and it is such an intense wait, it's an intense time for everybody in the country let alone people with very elderly parents who are vulnerable.

"I just am incredibly overwhelmed."

She acknowledged that while she feels relief in this moment, things will continue the same for the next month and then "still careful" until her mother has had her next jab.

"Everyone must take that on board," Shelagh said, "although there's this moment of elation and relief and love when it happens."