Shelagh Fogarty debates caller who won't believe Covid-19 is highly contagious

20 July 2020, 14:07

By Fiona Jones

Shelagh Fogarty took this caller to task after he insisted that Covid-19 is exactly the same as virus SARS, when in fact it is much more contagious.

Caller Peter said the Prime Minister was correct when he announced that vaccines may not work long term; he asked why Mr Johnson he "backed vaccines up" if this were the case.

Peter claimed that Covid-19 is identical to the SARS virus, calling Covid-19 "SARS Mark Two": "How did they get rid of it that time? They got rid of it by comprehensive PPE and screening.

"Vaccine's not going to in the short term do anything."

Shelagh countered, "Covid-19 is unlike the SARS virus."

"It's not Covid-19 it's a SARS virus. The Chinese have bought their way into the United Nations," Pete insisted while Shelagh tried to explain that Covid is a particular strand of coronavirus, like SARS.

Shelagh explained, "It is massively more contagious."

The caller insisted that it was just a different code name for SARS.

"When you say SARS was solved like this, this is different. Covid-19 is dramatically more deadly than that ever was," Shelagh said.