Shelagh Fogarty Battles Man Who Dismisses Nissan Story As “Remain Propaganda”

4 February 2019, 15:44

Shelagh Fogarty did battle with this caller who dismissed news that Nissan was abandoning plans to build its new model in the UK as just “propaganda” by the “Remain-centric media”.

The Japanese carmaker announced over the weekend it would not to build its new X-Trail model at its Sunderland north-east plant.

Nissan cited Brexit uncertainty as one of the reasons it had made the decision.

But, Andrew in Halifax told Shelagh Nissan had been added to the “rich tapestry of Remainer propaganda”.

“It’s very interesting to see all the news anchormen and anchorwomen up their on Sunderland reporting every sort of dotted I and crossed T of this ongoing situation,” he said.

Shelagh Fogarty
Picture: LBC

“But it’s strange that none of the mainstream media could be up in Burnaston, Derbyshire in January when Toyota officially announced that it was starting production of its brand new Toyota Corolla model.”

Shelagh responded: “The Toyota story was covered extensively” as she added: “When you just dismiss the ‘main stream media’ as one big blob of things that hasn’t given you what you want, you’re probably wrong.”

Watch what happened next above.