Shelagh Fogarty Explains Why Voting Should Be Compulsory

21 April 2017, 15:38 | Updated: 25 April 2017, 14:08

As the UK faces its second general election in two years, Shelagh explains why compulsory voting can be good for democracy.

Shelagh suggests that making it a legal requirement to vote would improve the politics in our country without putting a burden on people.

“I was saying it to my caller a few moments ago, it's for the greater good that we abide by the law, and surely it's not that much of a limit on your personal freedom is it?

“To have to vote, so that the greater good is achieved, and that greater good is better representation of the people in a general election.”

Some argued that people who don’t vote aren’t educated about politics and forcing them to vote would simply mean more people voting for things they don’t understand.

Shelagh thinks making it a legal obligation would change the way people interact with politics.

“I don't agree, I think if someone thinks they're ignorant of politics or it's not for them or doesn't speak about their life or their problems, then that has to be addressed as well.

“Tell them it's something that they have to do, give it the status of the law and people will get more interested, I'm sure of it, and then seek more knowledge about it.”