Shelagh Fogarty Opens Up About The Abuse She’s Received As A Journalist

25 September 2017, 15:17

Shelagh Fogarty has opened up about the abuse and intimation she has received during her journalistic career.

The LBC presenter was speaking after it was reported the BBC had hired a bodyguard for reporter Laura Kuenssberg at the Labour Party Conference following threats made to her from the Left.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell condemned the abuse, telling LBC he “will sort” anybody involved.

Discussing the issue, Shelagh revealed how on numerous occasions she too had been victim of threats through her job.

“I was covering a dockers’ strike in Liverpool and one of the people striking was so physically aggressive towards me that I thought I was about to be punched in the face and several other people were there and did absolutely nothing,” the LBC presenter said during her honest monologue.

“At a bin strike… and a male journalist from Channel 4 had to intervene as a militant striker physically came at me in a room full of journalists.

“In Sheffield a Labour activist at a public meeting about a mining village physically barred me or attempted to physically bar me from coming into a public meeting by shoving me away from a large gazebo-style tent that had been erected for the meeting.”

On another occasion, Shelagh says she was interviewing an unnamed senior Conservative and was “horrified” when he began “speaking to me like I was a piece of dirt under his shoe”.

“It was extraordinary," she said. "I was genuinely shocked and horrified during the course of the meeting because it has never happened before and never happened since.”