Shelagh Fogarty questions Tory MP over new Covid marshals

10 September 2020, 14:58

Shelagh Fogarty questions Tory MP Ruth Edwards over the Prime Minister's new "Covid marshals" that will enforce social distancing regulations.

Boris Johnson has announced "Covid-secure marshals" will help enforce the new coronavirus restrictions which will see gatherings of over six people being made illegal from Monday with police able to give hefty fines to those who disobey.

Conservative MP for Rushcliffe Ruth Edwards told Shelagh that the marshals will be in places with lots of people, such as town centres, "and they'll be there to try and make sure that different households stay socially distanced to make sure we'll controlling the spread of the virus."

Shelagh countered that the difficulty is what happens behind closed doors: "It's clear from the test and trace data that peoples' homes and places like pubs are where this virus is currently spreading. It's hard to police behind closed doors."

Ms Edwards admitted it is difficult, "However we have seen an extraordinary level of compliance and willingness from the public to keep to these rules. We completely understand that we're asking people to do something that's difficult and painful when it comes to not seeing their families."

It is understood there will be no extra funding for these marshals and Ms Edwards explained that local authority staff will be given extra powers to enforce coronavirus regulation compliance.

The Government are hoping all these measures will be temporary and are currently pursuing different vaccines and a super-fast test regime, known as "Operation Moonshot," the Tory MP told LBC. Shelagh Fogarty questions Tory MP over Covid marshals