Shelagh Fogarty schools caller who says Meghan "should've known" about UK press

13 January 2020, 16:16

This is the moment Shelagh Fogarty absolutely schooled a caller who said Meghan Markle "should've known what the British media were like."

The caller firstly insisted that he didn't like her but it no way was it due to her race; he said, "I don't think it'd make any difference at al" if Meghan was white.

"There's an old saying: if you can't stand the heat get out the kitchen. She must've known what the British media were like before she came to this country," Will said.

Shelagh countered that there's no reason why Meghan should have known and opened up that she'd had untruths written about her on the front of a newspaper.

"It was done by people I'd known for 15 years. It was defamatory and it was deeply painful and it was alarming and it crushed me and it took me years to get over.

"So, Will, sometimes you don't see it coming."