Shelagh Fogarty's Interview With Senior Brexiteer Got More And More Intense

8 June 2018, 14:39

Shelagh Fogarty left a senior Brexiteer lost for words with a brilliant question after an interview that got more and more intense.

Sir Gerald Howarth was speaking to LBC about Boris Johnson's leaked comments, saying that Donald Trump would do a better job at Brexit negotiations.

The interview started off tetchy, as Sir Gerald argued that the Irish border issue is nothing to do with the United Kingdom.

"This idea that the whole thing can be held up because of some argument about the Irish border... it's nothing to do with the United Kingdom. We don't want a fixed border.

"If that upsets the Irish, who were neutral during the Second World War, tough."

Shelagh challanged Gerald Howarth
Shelagh challanged Gerald Howarth. Picture: LBC

Later in the interview, Sir Gerald invoked WW2 again and again, adding: "The continentals are now telling us the United Kingdom will be excluded from any defence deals. It's pathetic. Britain is the major playing in defence in Europe.

"I find it pretty insulting that, in the words of Margaret Thatcher, nations we either rescued of defeated should now be telling us what to do."

It lead Shelagh to ask: "Do you see everything through the prism of the Second World War?"

Sir Gerald had no idea how to respond. Watch the clip at the top of the page.