Shelagh Schools Caller Who Refuses To Believe She’s Accepted Brexit

31 January 2018, 15:22 | Updated: 31 January 2018, 19:17

When Shelagh Fogarty told this Brexiteer she had accepted Britain was leaving the European Union, he simply refused to believe her.

The row was sparked after the government said it wouldn’t oppose a Labour vote calling for the release of a leaked Brexit document

Analysis which emerged yesterday suggests leaving the EU would damage economic growth in a series of scenarios.

Shelagh Fogarty
Picture: LBC

But, Steve called Shelagh to dismiss the report, branding it “another Remainer report” adding “I don’t trust it as far as I can throw it”.

He added: “People like you, your show because you’re a Remainer, seem to be grabbing hold of every straw to make a big thing about it.”

Shelagh responded: “I am a Remainer, but I’m not anymore because we’re leaving the EU and I’ve accepted we’re leaving the EU.”

Steve, however, wasn’t convinced as he replied: “You all say that.

“What you mean is you’ll pretend you’ve accepted it but you’re trying your best to make it last as long as possible so there’s an election or help create such an awful deal so the government offers us another referendum.”

Brexit talks continue in Brussels
Picture: LBC

But, Shelagh wasn’t going to let that lie, as she retorted: “You don’t like people very much do you?

“I tried to open up a conversation with you where we could have common ground about the future of our nation and you’ve just told me essentially that I was lying.”

Steve replied: “Well I don’t trust you, no, I don’t trust your point of view, I think your show is very much Remain, Remain, Remain.”

As the call rumbled on, Shelagh realised Steve was not going to believe she'd accepted Brexit.

So she finished: “Steve talks about Remainers as this unthinking block of people when he in fact himself is an unthinking block of person.”