Shelagh Shuts Down Caller’s Claim That Only Ukip Cares About FGM

24 April 2017, 15:32

When one caller suggested Ukip had led the fight against FGM while ‘fake feminists’ did nothing, Shelagh had to pull him up.

Ukip announced their policy today that girls returning from certain countries should be subject to vaginal inspections to see if they had been subject to female genital mutilation (FGM).

Jeremy claimed this was an example of Ukip leading the fight against the practice while others did nothing.

“There are so many people now who are just terrified of saying anything about it because they'll be called phobic or racists… And funnily enough it's a party called racist, that everyone calls racist, it’s Ukip.

“It's not racist. It's not homophobic or anything.

“They've actually raised something that the fake feminists, the ones who bounce up and down wearing their silly hats about what Donald Trump may have said. They've called out the fake feminists.”

While Shelagh agreed that it was important for people to confront FGM without fear of being branded racist, the idea that Ukip alone was leading the fight was too much.

“The woman I mention, Nimko Ali, she isn't the only one, there are women all over Britain who have been campaigning against FGM for years and years and years.”

Jeremy persisted with saying the rest were fake feminists. Shelagh had had enough.

“You are speaking as though nobody else except you and Ukip haven't come up with these ideas. But women have been campaigning, and men, for years against FGM, that's why the law exists.

“Now you can have a debate over the why or how the law is wielded so far, but it is not a new or revolutionary policy of Ukip or you. There have been others, so enough of the 'fake feminist' nonsense.”