Tearful LBC Caller Fears Climate Protesters Will RUIN His Marriage Proposal

18 April 2019, 14:44

An emotional LBC caller fought back the tears as he told Shelagh Fogarty he fears climate protesters are going to ruin his surprise marriage proposal.

An emotional LBC caller told Shelagh Fogarty he feared months of planning a surprise marriage proposal in Paris were about to be jeopardised by climate protesters.

Richard phoned after hearing reports Extinction Rebellion protesters were discussing shutting down Heathrow Airport on Good Friday.

Shelagh Fogarty sympathised with the caller's plight
Shelagh Fogarty sympathised with the caller's plight. Picture: LBC

In a secret WhatsApp message, demonstrators said they were going to “raise the bar” over the long Bank Holiday weekend.

But, Richard said the revelation had left him “shaking” and “devastated”.

“I’ve put months of preparation into taking my girlfriend to Paris,” the emotional caller said.

“I went over at Christmas to look at all the hotels. I’ve spent months preparing for this, they’re going to ruin it!”