The new Covid restrictions are brutal and nonsensical, says devastated groom-to-be

22 September 2020, 16:35

By Fiona Jones

This devastated groom-to-be questioned why he is only allowed to have 15 people at his wedding in a "massive church" yet the tiny restaurant across the road could "have 100 people."

Boris Johnson has announced that a series of tough new coronavirus measures could stay in effect for the next six months.

This groom-to-be was devastated to learn that from Monday, a maximum of 15 people will be allowed at wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Caller Ian told Shelagh that the 15 guests is "actually only 12" due to the bride, groom and registrar and "it doesn't even cover our entire family."

"We're getting married in a massive church and only have 12 guests...then we can go to a church service the next day and there's 100 odd people in the same building," Ian said.

He pointed out the church they are getting married in is extremely large and there are only 15 people allowed in there, yet they can go across the road to the restaurant, "which is half the size and has 100 people in it."

Ian said the measures did not make sense and are instead "brutal" and a "massive kick in the gut" for him and his fiancée.

Shelagh provided some comfort in that a couple hosted an online wedding where everyone who wished to watch joined the video call and they said it was surprisingly lovely.

Ian conceded that is "probably what we'll have to do", devastated that his whole family could not be there.

Shelagh optimistically pointed out it is his fiancée he wants to marry and when the time is right, they can throw the mother of all parties.