Theresa May At Risk Of “Blowing Up The Economy” Unless She Changes Course On Brexit

1 April 2019, 15:21

Theresa May must choose between the risk of “blowing up” the economy or her party over Brexit, Remain campaigner Lord Mandelson has told LBC.

The former Labour spin doctor said the Prime Minister had been placed in an “invidious” position but urged her to “rise above party”.

Later, MPs will hold another round of indicative votes in a bid to find an alternative way forward on Brexit.

A much softer Brexit - known as Common Market 2.0 - is the most likely to pass as it now has the backing of the Labour Party.

Lord Mandelson spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on Monday
Lord Mandelson spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on Monday. Picture: LBC

“She has now got to become a Prime Minister for the nation as a whole,” Lord Mandelson, a supporter of a so-called People's Vote, told Shelagh Fogarty.

“She has got to say ‘look, this is the national interest, this is what I am going to champion’ and defy her critics to challenge her for pursuing that national interest.

“If she were to do that she’d find a lot of support coming from all corners of the House of Commons.”

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