Watch This Explosive Fight Between Callers Over No-Deal Brexit

27 August 2019, 15:51 | Updated: 27 August 2019, 15:54

Two callers fell out over a second EU referendum and no-deal Brexit live on-air as Shelagh Fogarty tried to calm the debate.

Kevin from Harpingden agreed with a previous caller that Remainer MPs were traitors and thought having a second EU referendum was undemocratic, but Peter from Wimbledon interrupted, saying that the first referendum was undemocratic itself and the vote should be run again.

Kevin replied: "The MPs should've voted not to give us a vote, shouldn't they? The MPs had a free vote, a vote with their conscience...they voted six to one to do give people a vote.

"They did it, in my belief, because they thought they were home and dry with the Remain campaign.

"They got caught out and now they're squirming every single way and calling the Brexiters undemocratic, but they are undemocratic."

A Remainer and Brexiter caller fell out live on-air during Shelagh Fogarty's show, as she asked listeners about the prospects of a no-deal Brexit.