This Caller Gives A "Never Mentioned" Reason For His Brexit Vote U-Turn

29 October 2019, 17:03 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 17:23

This Leave voter gives a "never mentioned" reason for his complete u-turn to support Lib Dems in the next general election.

The caller David said he wanted to talk about the issue of trade: "I heard you having a discussion with another gentleman about the importance of trade in our EU relationship.

"And it's never pointed out on these programmes by the presenters that not only do we have a free trade area with 27 other EU countries, we have extensive trading preferential arrangements with 137 other countries around the world through the EU."

He continued: "In the last three years since we started the Brexit process, the UK as part of the EU has benefited from six major new trade deals, new deals or revision to existing deals with countries like Canada, Japan and Mexico. The most recent one was with Mercosur, which is Brazil and Argentina in South America.

David: Theresa May's 2016 speech helped change his mind.
David: Theresa May's 2016 speech helped change his mind. Picture: PA

"Now, the market that we've added that the UK is not but access to from six new trade deals is over six hundred million people.

"And it's not just free trading goods, it's free trading services and it gives our companies here the opportunity to bid on public sector contracts with these countries. So you know, if we leave the EU, we leave all our preferential trading agreements."

Shelagh asked why he had voted to leave and if he had changed his mind.

David said he voted to leave on the basis we would get a good deal and he wanted to get rid of David Cameron. Then he read Theresa May's "brilliant" 2016 Institute of Mechanical Engineering speech which outlined all the reasons we must stay in the EU.

He continued: "You know I'm a committed remain and I'm going to vote I'm going to vote Liberal Democrat because I don't want to see our union destroyed."