This Caller Insults Shelagh Fogarty, Calmly Says Goodbye And Hangs Up

7 August 2019, 16:55

As the national debate rages on over one senior police officer's hair, this caller needed to give Shelagh Fogarty his view, which ended with him hanging up.

He started by asking Shelagh if she was aware of her "hypocritical rhetoric on appearance and hair," to which the LBC presenter immediately said "are we talking about Donald Trump?"

The caller accused Shelagh of attacking "his appearance" which he said was "the lowest form of argument."

Listing comments Shelagh had previously made, including Donald Trump's "spray on hair" and "orange face."

This caller ended up hanging up on Shelagh Fogarty
This caller ended up hanging up on Shelagh Fogarty. Picture: PA/LBC

The caller said Shelagh had never thought if Mr Trump might be "insecure about his falling locks, or his spray on tan?"

"Oh, poor Donald," Shelagh said mockingly, adding that she was just "having a bit of fun at Donald Trump's expense."

As the two exchanged views on Trump and appearances, Shelagh said she was "cutting him down to size."

Amazingly the caller came back and said he had done some research "on Google." He said "do you know who he looks like?"

"You" the caller said, before hanging up.

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