"This Caller Speaks For Me": Listeners Hailed This Passionate Anti-Brexit Call

12 September 2019, 13:18

Shelagh Fogarty's caller got very worked when speaking about fighting against Brexit - and listeners loved his passion.

Phil in Scarborough was having a normal conversation with Shelagh when one question set him off.

He said: "We've gone from best deal in history, have your cake and eat it, £350million for the NHS.

"Now it's 10pence off gin. Someone on your show a few weeks ago said 'If it was a car crash, the UK's car will be battered, but I'll tell you what, the EU's car is going to be worse'.

"You really think that I'm going to follow you off the cliff and leave on that?

"People aren't even hearing themselves when they talk. All Brexiteers say is 'We won, we won, we won."

"What are the benefits? There are no benefits now because it was all a lie."

Shelagh's listeners loved her call
Shelagh's listeners loved her call. Picture: PA / LBC

Shelagh was forced to tell him: "Phil, stay cool. This cannot be good for your health."

Twitter was inundated with listeners who loved Phil.

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