This Landlord Says He's Had Enough After A Tenant Cost Him 20K Of Damage

19 July 2019, 16:28

This landlord told LBC an amazing tale of one tenant who caused £20,000 damage to a flat and left behind 2,000 bottles of wine and a dead turtle.

This landlord said that he used to carry out regular property checks but when he tried to inspect one property, the tenant wouldn't let him in for three months.

The tenant subsequently disappeared, leaving the landlord with 20k of damage to his property

In response to this Shelagh Fogarty asked him: "Did they take an axe to the bathroom or something?"

The landlord then explained that the tenant "turned all the taps on, took the boiler out" which consequently wrecked all the carpets and walls.

He even said that the tenant had left about two thousand empty bottles of wine in the house, as well as "a dead turtle on the floor".

This landlord said "it's just such a headache" to own properties and to be responsible for tenants.

Despite being a landlord of multiple properties, he says he has had enough of it as this one tenant cost him 20k of damage, including a dead turtle to report to the RSPCA.

The landlord stressed: "Us landlords are not making killings out of it, we're just trying to make a living."

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