'Too many Labour members are giving up the Union flag to the far-right'

3 February 2021, 16:17

By Sam Sholli

Too many Labour members are effecting "giving up" the Union flag to the far-right, the party's former Head of Elections has told LBC.

A leaked report prepared for the party, which was seen by the Guardian Newspaper said Labour should “make use of the flag, veterans and dressing smartly” as part of a rebranding effort to win back “red wall” voters who backed the Tories in 2019.

In response to the report, Labour MP Clive Lewis told the Guardian: “The Tory party has absorbed UKIP and now Labour appears to be absorbing the language and symbols of the Tory party”.

“It’s not patriotism; it’s Fatherland-ism. There’s a better way to build social cohesion than moving down the track of the nativist Right,” he added.

Harry Burns, who was Labour's Head of Elections & Campaigns Support for the 2017 General Election, told LBC: "Thankfully there's not that many Clive Lewis' in the parliamentary Labour Party.

"But there are still in my view too many people with those sorts of views to make Labour a proper contender for Government in the next election.

"It's giving up the flag to the far-right and to political forces that we might not agree with."