“Some Tory Brexiteers Think Corbyn As PM Would Give UK A Harder Brexit”

12 March 2019, 15:54

Some Tory Brexiteers see Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister as an opportunity to achieve a “very hard Brexit”, LBC’s Tom Swarbrick has been told.

Tom said one Conservative MP had told him some European Research Group (ERG) members are “convinced” the Labour leader would allow them to secure the Brexit they seek.

He spoke to Shelagh Fogarty just a few hours before MPs vote on Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement - which the PM is now widely expected to lose.

Despite claiming to have secured “legally-binding” changes, Mrs May faces a revolt after the Government’s Attorney General said the legal risks remain “unchanged”.

Tom Swarbrick spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on Tuesday
Tom Swarbrick spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on Tuesday. Picture: LBC/PA

“[The ERG] are convinced Corbyn creates an opportunity to go really hard,” Tom said.

“It’s bewildering for so many reasons. One, they would see Corbyn as an opportunity to get a really, very hard Brexit.

“Secondly, they would put themselves, the Conservative party, and from their position the country, in the position that Jeremy Corbyn will be leading negotiations with the EU as Prime Minister.

“I can’t help but wonder whether there are some in the European Research Group who even if this deal had mandated the second coming of Christ would still not vote for the damn thing.”