Two Callers Go Head To Head Over Boris Johnson's Conservative Values

19 June 2019, 19:23

Watch these two callers go head to head over Boris Johnson in their intense row over the Tory leadership frontrunner's "Conservative values."

John and Brian bother called in to speak to Shelagh Fogarty on the subject of Boris Johnson and his bid to be the next Conservative Party leader.

While Brian was clearly a big fan of the Tory MP, John really just wanted an answer to one question.

John asked Brian "could you name one Conservative value he's best able to articulate?"

Brian replied saying he thought Boris Johnson believed the UK should have the Queen as the head of state.

But, John was quick to point out that is not one of the Conservative values.

"He believes in the nuclear deterrent," pro-Boris Brian said, adding that he is a Conservative so has a "fairly good idea what Conservative values are."

John didn't seem to be interested though, focusing back on Boris Johnson he wanted to know give his past why Mr Johnson wouldn't just "lie though his teeth" while in office.

The Boris supporter shot back suggesting you could say the "same thing about Prince Charles," causing Shelagh to point out the caller seemed obsessed with the Royal family.

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page to find out if the question was answered.

As Boris Johnson leads the field in the Conservative leadership race two of the candidates will be live on LBC tonight, answering calls from listeners.

- Jeremy Hunt 8pm
- Michael Gove 9pm