Two Callers Go Head-To-Head Over Sharia Law

8 May 2018, 16:24 | Updated: 8 May 2018, 19:00

Two callers went head to head in a debate on Sharia Law and Islamophobia, but one called the other out for having the same ideology as the Islamic State.

Keith told Shelagh that he thought the West has "a way of life that goes completely against the grain of Islam."

"I'm not a racist, or anti-muslim."

"But some would construe that as being Islamophobic."

But Mo, a muslim, said that "Kieth's ideology exactly matches ISIS ideology."

"They're both reading the scripture and getting the violent ideology.

"When I read my scripture, it gives me peace, it gives me love.

"It gives me all sorts of things humans need."

Listen to the debate unfold in the video above.