Two Labour callers disagree over whether they'd back a 'Remain Alliance'

12 November 2019, 15:29

The idea of a 'Remain Alliance' between Labour and the Remain parties has been floated - but these two Labour voters did not agree on whether they would support it.

Malcolm, a Labour member, said he would back a 'Remain Alliance' and even vote Liberal Democrat with "no hesitation at all".

He said it was largely because he lives in a Conservative majority constituency and the chances of a Labour candidate being successful is "remote". He said it upsets him "tremendously" that his Labour vote would be "wasted".

He argued that if the Labour candidate stood down, hopefully more people would choose to vote Liberal Democrat over Conservative.

However, he said: "Even if it doesn't happen, if there's no alliance, I'll probably vote Liberal this time because I just feel my vote for Labour is just completely wasted."

Two Labour callers disagree over whether they'd back a 'Remain Alliance'
Two Labour callers disagree over whether they'd back a 'Remain Alliance'. Picture: PA

Mike, also a Labour voter, didn't agree that he'd support a Liberal Democrat.

He said: "I understand the reasoning. The only thing is, I mean, I wouldn't put it past the Lib Dems propping up the Tory government again. And, you know, I just remember what happened 2010 when they got into bed."

He argued that it still makes sense to vote Labour because, even if they don't win this time, it could make the constituency a marginal.

Shelagh Fogarty asked: "Isn't what you have just said proof that the people who say the Brexit parties have been more organised, more ruthless, more efficient, more interested in power than the Remain supporting parties?"

Mike said: "Why reward a pro-austerity party with your vote just because they've voted Remain?"

He said he would, however, consider voting SNP or Green.

Malcolm then told Shelagh that he'd originally voted Leave and about a year ago became a Remainer.

He explained that he wants a second referendum.