Worried Caller Claims Black Cabbies "Do Not Pick Up Black People"

22 September 2017, 15:46

A black caller has claimed Uber losing its licence will be bad news for her community as it’s a “known fact” that black cab drivers do not pick up black people in London.

Stephanie says she has been racially abused a number of times when trying to hail a cab in the capital city.

It’s after Transport for London announced on Friday that it will not renew Uber’s licence to operate, claiming it is “not fit and proper” to do so.

TfL added the mini cab app had demonstrated “a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications".

The LBC caller was left worried about how this would affect her.

She told Shelagh: “We can't depend on the black cab drivers they will not take us, it’s a known fact.

“The racism is dreadful… Ask any black person on the street and they’ll tell you the same story.”