Steve Allen celebrates 40 years at LBC: His five most memorable moments

12 December 2019, 07:54

Steve Allen: Now and then...
Steve Allen: Now and then... Picture: LBC

Legendary radio presenter Steve Allen is celebrating 40 years at LBC.

A young Steve first walked through the door on 12th December 1979. He had got the job by recording a news bulletin off the radio, taking out the newsreaders voice and reading the headlines himself.

Speaking on his early days at LBC, Steve said: "There were no computers, no overnight phone-ins and certainly no listener contact. My entire programme was re-runs from the day on LBC.

"But I found this tedious, so I decided off my own back to start reviewing the newspapers. The audience loved it, but the management hated it. The boss forced me to do the programme how he wanted, but after two weeks, he got so many listener complaints, he said I could go back to doing what I was doing."

And that's the origin story of the Steve Allen that we know and love.

Here are five of his most memorable moments of the last 40 years. Happy anniversary Steve!

Steve Allen in the 1990s
Steve Allen in the 1990s. Picture: LBC

Steve Allen reads the news

Steve started on LBC on 12th December 1979, initially as a newsreader. Here's a rare clip of Steve reading the news in his early days - and doesn't he sound different!

The hilarious story of his Chinese takeaway

If there's one story that all Steve Allen listeners remember, it's his hysterical tale about what happened one weekend when he ordered a Chinese takeaway. Strap in...

Steve Allen on Dale Winton's death

A moment that had all listeners in tears. Minutes before he was due to go on-air, Steve found out that one of his closest friends Dale Winton had passed away. What followed was one of the most heartfelt moments in radio history.

Steve Allen takes on bad customer service

When a shop assistant was rude to Steve, they didn't expect what was coming. Steve tells the story of what happened next...

Steve Allen in conversation with... Steve Allen

When Steve Allen won two prestigious awards, this wonderful video was made for him, showing him appearing to interview himself.