Gina Miller Welcomes "Balanced" Parliament, Calls For Cross-Party Brexit Committee

11 June 2017, 18:08 | Updated: 11 June 2017, 18:19

The person responsible for the Brexit legal challenge told Stig that she wants the strongest hand possible in the Brexit negotiations.

Gina Miller, the business owner known for initiating the Brexit legal case, spoke with Stig about the next steps Britain should take in the Brexit negotiations, following the loss of the Conservative majority. 

She told the LBC Presenter that a hung parliament could be a good thing if a cross-party Brexit committee is created. 

Gina said: "I do not think that have a now weakened hand, I think we have a better negotiation strategy going forward. And I think that is a strong, cross-party, delegation."

Stig replied: "But that's not going to happen though is it Gina?"

She said: "Well, why not? We have all-party committees all the time."

Stig responded: "Oh, so you think this will just be a, what amounts to a committee of the House of Commons?"

Gina said that usually it is cross-party across the House of Lords as well, which she doesn't think would work.

Gina added: "But, if we, for example, have someone leading that negotiation team, or delegation team, someone like say Philip Hammond...but then included other heavy weight hitters such as Keir Starmer, Vince Cable, David Davis, then that's a really good, strong, pragmatic cross-party negotiation team."