Stig Abell: "Remain Is Becoming The Worst Of The Brexit Campaign"

26 March 2017, 17:17 | Updated: 26 March 2017, 17:39

Stig Abell, who voted to remain in the EU, thinks the way Remainers are acting following the vote is the worst part of the Brexit campaign.

An article in the Observer referred to the triggering of Article 50 as a "historic error" and compared it to the retreat from Dunkirk. 

Stig Abell, who voted Remain, thinks that language like this, used by Remainers against leaving the EU, is the "worst part of the Brexit campaign". 

He said: "Is the answer, that because in our political representative democracy, we have no means for the 48 per cent to articulate their wishes. 

"You have Ken Clarke standing up and making a self-indulgent and largely pointless, but beautiful speech in Parliament.  You have the Lib Dems, the very definition of irrelevance as an institution, banging the drum. There is nothing. 

"And what happens when there's nothing?  What happens with a vacuum, is it gets filled. And my point is that at the minute it's being filled with jibberish.  With the Observer saying that Brexit is the peacetime equivalent of the ignominious retreat from Dunkirk.  

"We have people who are protesting, a march yesterday which will do precisely nothing, about Brexit. And what they're saying in it, are things like "I want my country back from the liars, buffoons and swivel-eyed loons".  

"Brexit spelled out 'British Right Wing Extremist Xenophobia Ill-informed Tosh'.  Is that what the 48 per cent are left with?  Placards and insults. 

"Tell me if you are a Remain voter, what would you like to see done over the next two years in response to Brexit? You're not going to stop it. Are you happy that your movement is going to become very much like how you characterise the Brexit movement?  

"Angry and shrill, and constantly harping back to the Second World War?  Because that's what we're seeing. Second World War analogies.  Misleading signs.  

"You know, are you going to get a bus?  Are you going to get a gigantic bus and paint on the side of it "Brexit is like Dunkirk"? Because in a weird way, Remain is becoming the worst of the Brexit campaign. Have Remainers lost the plot?"