Stig Abell Left Completely Exasperated By Anti-Gay Caller

5 September 2016, 13:26 | Updated: 13 September 2016, 12:14

Stig Abell was left completely exasperated by this religious caller's argument against homosexuality.

Grace called to argue that the bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong - and suggested those who are gay could remain celibate.

Stig then challenged Grace about some of the more obscure teachings of the bible. “ Do you eat pork and then when you menstruate do you seclude yourself from other people, because there is lots of rules in the bible that presumably you don’t follow?”

“Why would you want to drag us back to that pre-enlightenment time of misery and darkness and lack of understanding,” asked Stig?

Watch the fascinating exchange that left Stig with his head in his hands.