Stig Abell Says This Is The End Of UKIP

9 October 2016, 17:55 | Updated: 9 October 2016, 18:21

As policy meetings turn into punch ups and the Tories steal their policies, Stig Abell says it is time to say goodbye to UKIP.

Talking on his LBC show he said that the party has become increasingly redundant and will become totally irrelevant once Article 50 is triggered"

“This is a supposedly serious party meeting to discuss their policies over Brexit and it ends with a scrap and one of them in hospital. It's pathetic isn't it.”

“UKIP the party often painted as a party of rogues and shady characters some of whom drift ever nearer to a textbook definition of daft racists has disgraced itself once again. The reason why it's important because the question ends up being asked why do we need them now anyway.”

“The other body blow of the week, metaphorically, this time was the announcement by Theresa May of a clear Brexit timetable. Article 50 is going to be declared by the end of March. So here is a thought on that date the end of March. UKIP should no longer exist.”

“This time we've got a right wing Tory government not the namby pamby, Notting Hill luvvies of David Cameron, the Tories are committed to Brexit, committed to anti-immigrant rhetoric to a slightly terrifying extent committed for God's sake to naming and shaming foreigners who come over here and take our jobs.”

“Brexit means Brexit but it also means the end of UKIP, doesn't it?”