Stig Abell: Theresa May Should Not Fawn Over Trump After His Torture Comments

26 January 2017, 16:49

Stig Abell On Trump

LBC presenter Stig Abell passionately sums up why Donald Trump's comments on torture are not only "barbaric" but also factually wrong.

Donald Trump has recently said he believes waterboarding “works”, and that the US should "fight fire with fire"

The comments come ahead of Theresa May’s meeting with the new US President tomorrow. 

Here Stig Abell shuts down Trump's justification for the practice. He said: "Now let's put aside morality for just one second, we'll come back to that.

"There is actually little evidence that torture works. In fact, research suggests that high stress levels can destroy information held by the brain, compromising it.

"There are numerous accounts of people saying anything, true or not, simply to make torture stop. Alternative facts, if you like."

Stig added: "But Trump doesn't care about science, empiricism, or facts. America has elected a barbarian to the highest office. Someone who should be defending national morality by saying we will never inflict pain on our captives.   

"But instead rubs his tiny hands with glee at the mere prospect of talking tough."

He then went on to issue a warning to the Prime Minister a head of her visit.

Stig said: "Theresa May should not be fawning over Trump, shouldn't be clamouring in lickspittle fashion for the maintenance of the "special relationship".

"She should vow never to cooperate with any attempts to use torture on our shared enemies. It's simple. If you are a civilised, humane nation. You don't torture.

"Donald Trump is neither civilised nor humane, and now neither is America."