The RMT Announce More Southern Rail Strike Action

15 July 2017, 08:38 | Updated: 15 July 2017, 08:45

The RMT are planning to join Aslef in striking during August because of safety concerns on Southern Rail trains.

The RMT's Assistant General Secretary Mike Lynch has defended the union's decision to strike during August in response to their long running dispute with Southern Rail.

Mr Lynch told LBC that the RMT don't want to see the "dilution of safety standards" on Southern Rail trains.

He argued that by forcing changes that would see guard jobs being terminated Southern Rail were forcing staff to strike.

He told LBC that train companies had a choice to make between safety and choosing to "make a lower profit".

RMT members are set to strike
RMT members are set to strike. Picture: LBC

The RMT's Assistant General Secretary suggested that Southern Rail were to blame for the prolonged strike action.

LBC's John Stapleton asked why driver only trains were unsafe now considering they had been on Britain's rails since 1982.

Mr Lynch said that this was due to "falling passenger numbers" during the eighties.

He argued that "it's a safer operating standard" if there are two staff members on a train.