Theo Usherwood Turns The Tables On Tom Watson Over Labour Troubles

20 February 2019, 12:32 | Updated: 20 February 2019, 13:41

This is the remarkable moment LBC's Political Editor turned the tables on host Tom Watson to press him on the current situation within Labour.

The Deputy Labour leader was standing in for James O'Brien on LBC when Theo Usherwood came in to report on the three Conservatives who have resigned to join The Independent Group.

And while he was there, Theo wanted to get Tom's take on Labour's deeply controversial plan to make it easier to force by-elections if an MP resigns from their party.

Theo Usherwood put some very tough questions to Tom Watson
Theo Usherwood put some very tough questions to Tom Watson. Picture: LBC

Tom responded: "I don't agree with that. This is serious now. It seems to be now that we are in an incredibly volatile situation, both political parties fracturing at the edges.

"We've got to respond to this, as a political party and the Tory Party. We've got to respond to this and I'm sure we will.

"Whatever the merits of the position John is pushing on recall elections and resigning from parties, it just looks spiteful.

"Those people who left the Labour Party did so with a heavy heart and it looks like we're reflexive and looking to be knee-jerk about it rather than look at the actual issue which is Brexit and the state of British politics."