1922 Committee Executive Tells Theresa May "Be Awkward With The EU, Not The Tory Party"

22 October 2018, 07:54

A senior member of the 1922 Committee - the Conservative backbench group which can oust Theresa May - has told the Prime Minister to start being awkward with the European Union and not her Tory colleagues.

Nigel Evans, the Executive Secretary of the 1922 Committee, believes Theresa May needs to listen to her party if she wants to remain in power.

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Speaking to Tom Swarbrick, he said: "She needs to take soundings of the people around her.

"She's listened to Olly Robbins, who's got Europe running through his veins. She's listened to Gavin Barwell. And she's listened to a number of people who have basically led her to say that maybe we should have an extension.

"But she's united both sides of the party against that because it's going to cost billions and it's going to lead nowhere.

Tom Swarbrick spoke to Nigel Evans
Tom Swarbrick spoke to Nigel Evans. Picture: LBC / PA

"The Prime Minister needs to start to listen to the siren calls saying that this is going nowhere.

"She said she wants to be an awkward woman. Well, she needs to be an awkward woman with them and not with the Conservative Party. And not, certainly, with 17.4million people who voted to leave the European Union."

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