Adorable 7 year old tells LBC when he predicts lockdown will end

30 April 2020, 20:47

By Fiona Jones

This is the adorable moment a 7 year old boy calls in to LBC to give his predictions of when UK lockdown will end. A wonderful listen.

Imman called in to Tom Swarbrick's show and said he felt quite embarrassed talking on the radio.

He told Tom he was missing his friends during lockdown - but didn't want to go back to school because it's not safe "to be all together."

He observed "a lot of people are getting it right now."

Tom asked when Imman thought the UK lockdown might be over.

"A lot of people are saying September, I think I trust them," Imman replied, telling Tom his mum also thinks September.

Imman said his parents are telling him not to be worried "but I'm still a bit worried."

Tom said his own son, who is a similar age to Imman, is also a bit worried too - he asked Imman to make sure he listens to his mum about washing his hands.

"I'm so grateful that you rang Imman, you've done a great job on the radio at the age of seven," said Tom.