"The shine is coming off": Republican questions royal family's relevance

6 February 2020, 19:29 | Updated: 6 February 2020, 20:43

Graham Smith, head of British republican group Republic pondered the future of the royal family when Queen Elizabeth is replaced.

The conversation on the Tom Swarbrick show stemmed from the news that cities and towns around the country are not flying the flag in celebration of Prince Andrew's birthday this year, citing his association with convicted sexual offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Graham Smith came into the debate on the question of whether the boycott is not only against Andrew, but against the crown itself.

"Then shine is coming off" the commentator stated. Mr. Smith mentions public disillusionment with the family, including Prince Harry stepping back from royal duties and the controversy surrounding Andrew and his associations with a convicted criminal.

Smith claimed that the public will find it difficult to adjust to Prince Charles assuming the throne, as his generation of royals have "not exactly lived up to expectations".

Mr. Smith thinks the future of the royal family is cloudy.
Mr. Smith thinks the future of the royal family is cloudy. Picture: PA

Tom agreed with the statement and felt that while we live in an era of Britain post Brexit, "there is a big question on the role of the monarchy post the Elizabethan age".

Mr. Smith felt that much of the change of view of the royal family lies mainly in the different times we live in today. He pointed out that "the next succession is going to be so different to the one in 1952". The Republic leader said that the public question things more today and so there will be a real discussion in the UK when the next monarch takes power.

Mr. Smith believes the publics curiosity will bring them to question "why should we pay for you?" when a member of the royal family less popular than the Queen assumes the throne, thus leading to a national debate on the validity of a royal family.