The Black Man Who Was Victim Of A "Liam Neeson-Style" Attack

5 February 2019, 18:34 | Updated: 5 February 2019, 19:08

A man who was beaten up for being black in a “Liam Neeson-style” attack called on the Hollywood actor to “do some charity work”.

Gary told Tom Swarbrick he was set upon by a white man who “lashed out” because “his wife had just been mugged by a black guy”.

The incident happened when the caller was a child, but he said recent events “brought back memories”.

Neeson has insisted he is not a racist after he admitted he had violent thoughts about killing a black man after a female friend was raped.

The Hollywood star said he quickly became ashamed by his feelings and sought help from a priest at the time.

Liam Neeson Tom Swarbrick
Liam Neeson Tom Swarbrick. Picture: PA/LBC

His remarks have sparked a fierce backlash.

Speaking of his experience, caller Gary said: “I was just walking along the road in the afternoon and a white guy physically attacked me.

“He grabbed me by my face, pushed me up against the wall, I had bruises on my arms and face.

“He attacked me then stopped and said: ‘My wife has just been mugged by a black guy and you’re the first black guy I’ve seen and I just lashed out at you’.”

Gary says he think Neeson’s comments were an “act of racism” and he should “do some charity work”.