Boris Johnson Slammed By Former Chief Of Staff

17 May 2019, 16:56

Boris Johnson does not have the temperament to be Prime Minister his former Chief of Staff told LBC.

Nick Boles MP, who worked as Mr Johnson's Chief of Staff when he first became Mayor of London told Tom Swarbrick: "I don't think he's the right person to be Prime Minister."

The Independent MP said that the former Foreign Secretary had many merits and talents, but he "does not have the qualities that we need in a Prime Minister," Mr Boles said, "let alone at a time of national crisis."

Tom Swarbirck asked the former Tory MP what he thought made Mr Johnson the wrong choice for the top Tory job, in a scathing reply, Mr Boles said he doesn't think Boris is "capable of making difficult, serious decisions under great pressure."

Adding "I don't believe he is organised."

He also said he felt Mr Johnson lacked the "discipline that you require in a Prime Minister."

He added, "we're not electing a court jester."

"He's not somebody who should be in Number 10 Downing Street dealing with the most difficult questions of the age."

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