Brexiter Still Wants Freedom Of Movement, But Only For British Empire Countries

9 September 2019, 07:59

This caller left LBC listeners baffled by insisting he wants to keep freedom of movement in place, but only for Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The Leave voter spoke passionately about how much he approved of freedom of movement for people from the former British Empire countries.

But simply couldn't explain why he felt that was different to freedom of movement for any EU countries.

Tom queried: "Why would you define based on where you were born whether you could claim benefits in this country?"

Paul paused for a while and then started talking about how Britons had settled in those countries centuries ago.

Tom Swarbrick simply couldn't follow Paul's line of thought
Tom Swarbrick simply couldn't follow Paul's line of thought. Picture: LBC

Listeners were baffled by Paul's line of thought.