Revealed: Caller tells all about Tramp's, the nightclub named in Prince Andrew allegations

17 November 2019, 23:26 | Updated: 18 November 2019, 07:18

London nightclub Tramp's has come to wide public attention since Saturday night - when Prince Andrew was asked about a visit he was alleged to have made to it in 2001. This caller told Tom Swarbrick all about it.

The Duke of York denied the claims of Virginia Roberts Giuffre during a BBC interview, that he danced with her at Tramp's on 10th March 2001 and then had sex with her at a flat belonging to Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Duke says that this could not have happened, as he was at home with his two children that night, having been to the Woking branch of Pizza Express that afternoon.

Following these revelations, John called in to Tom Swarbrick to talk about the nights he spent at Tramp's - and what the place is like inside.

Watch the clip above to find out about the London hotspot now caught up in this story.

Sir Michael Caine and Shakira Caine at the 50th anniversary of Tramp's nightclub
Tramp's nightclub celebrated its 50th birthday earlier this year - with celebrities including Sir Michael Caine and his wife Shakira marking the occasion. Picture: PA

John said: "There's a particular facet of this that doesn't ring true and that's the visit to Tramp. I used to visit Tramp quite a bit during this period.

"I saw many people there - Mick Jagger, some of the Beatles and many other famous people. The thing that doesn't ring true to me is that the owner and manager of Tramp would have known that the Prince was going there. The staff would have known. I never saw him there personally.

"There would have been people that would have seen him that night, both staff or people like me. Those people would come forward. If they don't, it's not true."

Tom asked what Tramp was like and John revealed all - watch it in the video at the top of the page.